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The Basilica of San Vicinio

The Year of construction of the Basilica is not certain but most scholars are inclined to believe the years around the year One Thousand. Built in the Romanesque style has a facade sober and elegant; the different color of the bricks, typical of the Romanesque style, enables us to understand that the Cathedral has been changed in the course of the centuries. The "murello" of the churchyard of the cathedral has existed since 1600: above it are places of funeral cippus surmounted by capitals. The interior of the Basilica is the solemn and austere: The ceiling has trusses and the plan is a Latin cross, with the central nave large exactly double with respect to the side naves and longer than those for track of the apse. The chapel which closes the right nave preserves the relics of S. Vicinio and its thaumaturgical "chain". Of particular merit the "altar frontal" of the X century, l'"ambo" of the XII century, the tabernacle of 1555 and the baptismal font.

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