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Villa Mylius Vigoni

Villa Mylius Vigoni

In 1829 Mylius bought a villa on the slopes above Menaggio which he made more attractive and bigger during the years to place his rich collection of paintings, statues and rich furniture. In this way a house - museum was created which thanks to the attention of the descendants, the family Vigoni, has been conserved up to today . The big English garden, designed by Giuseppe Balzartetti, surrounds the villa and forms a frame of natural beauty: orchids, hundred-year-old trees and exotic plants form a unique atmosphere. The villa is now owned by the German Federal Republic and seat of the German-Italian cultural centre Villa Vigoni. The villa can only be visited with a guided tour. Guided tours take place from the beginning of March till the end of October only on Thursday afternoon at 14.30.

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What to see
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