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Parish Church of Santo Stefano

  • Via Annetta e Celestino Lusardi, 1, Menaggio (CO)
The parish church of Santo Stefano in Menaggio has very ancient origins; its original Romanesque structures have however been lost; in fact the orientation itself is in the opposite direction of its primitive setting. The church has three naves which, in 1899, were covered with frescoes by a local artist named Tagliaferri. Quite noteworthy is the one of the martyr Santo Stefano located in the vault of the apse. In the presbytery, two works by the painter Castelli from Menaggio. Above the altar of the Madonna, at the front of the left nave, you find a copy of a painting by Bernardino Luino depicting Maria with Jesus and an angel. The original painting is at the Louvre.

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What to see