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Grazia Deledda Literary Park

Grazia Deledda Literary Park

The Grazia Deledda Literary Park, established since 1996 and still active today in Galtellì, becomes the key to the reading of the territory through the eyes of the writer along a path made of memories and fantasy. Walking through the streets of the village evoking memories of deleddiana's Galte is open as a rare book, in which the pages are small deposits of Memory, emotions and sentiments, and chapters suggest itineraries and paths of knowledge. Are pages full of colors, flavors, harmonies, that integrate popular traditions, gastronomy and handicrafts. The feelings evoked describe the innate Sardinian hospitality accompanied by heat and rhythm of the popular festivals, and from the intense religious fervour. Galtellì, Galte in the novel, preserves intact the views that inspired the Deledda, still today only Italian woman Nobel for literature. The canes still grow, they renew and chinano to the breath of wind. "We just like reeds in the wind, Woman Esther my. This is why! We barrels, and the fate is the wind". The well known dwelling house to a single plane" of the Dame Pintor, building from ancient charm and severe, is now entrusted to the care of his heirs.

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