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The Bergantino Nymphaeum

The Bergantino Nymphaeum

Better known as the Baths of Diana, the Bergantino Nymphaeum is located on the western shore of Lake Albano, approximately halfway between the Doric Nymphaeum and the emissary of the lake. Also, as the Doric Nymphaeum, is facing upstream cable (the ancient Mons Albanus). Having had very probably originate from a pre-existing quarry of pozzolana, has the shape of a rather irregular. It is developed in most environments, of which the largest is the central hall, with a circular basin dug into the ground approximately 17 meters in diameter and with traces of mosaic decoration. Also embedded in the I century d. C. From the vast Imperial Villa di Domiziano, the Bergantino was rediscovered in the mid 1800s during excavations illegal immigrants. Numerous indications testify how, at a certain point, this monument could have assumed a thermal function, with Domitian before and with pope Alexander VII Chigi then, as well as the function of shelter for the boats used in the naumachie by Emperor or the descents to the lake of the Pope. Most of the artifacts found in the Nymphaeum during the excavations of Cardinal Giustiniani, are preserved and displayed in the Antiquarium of Villa Barberini, while others have been dispersed.

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The Bergantino Nymphaeum

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