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Vigne Matte Winery

In the area of Prosecco Superiore DOCG there is a picturesque village, where still today the time seems to have stopped and where the Dna reveals that the Prosecco was born in the village of Rolle. A true corner of paradise, which in the ancient texts is described as a 'small villa in the hills between the mountains', easily reachable from Refrontolo surpassing the Molinetto Croda. In a central position above a splendid ridge, has seat Vigne Matte Winery, which produces an excellent prosecco DOCG recognized and rewarded at national and international level. The cellar also represents an interesting intervention of eco-sustainable architecture. The structure has a perfect integration with the hillside and therefore is visible only from the side where the slope which descends toward the vineyards. This also allows to obtain the ideal bioclimatic conditions for the storage of wine. But Vigne Matte are also much more: our wine cellar is a live place, receives tourists and fans, organizes guided tours and tastings, welcomes business meetings and celebrations of various kinds. These are the perfect occasions in which are exalted even more the quality of our wines and the evocative and enchanting village of Rolle. Our wines awarded in 2016: GOLD MEDAL Prosecco DOCG "Millesimatte" 2015 @Mundus Vini Germany GOLD MEDAL prosecco DOCG BRUT Cuvee 2015 @Concours Mondial de Bruxelles SILVER MEDAL prosecco DOCG Dry Cuvee 2014 @Concours Mondial de Bruxelles

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