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Villa Birago Clari Monzini

Villa Birago Clari Monzini

The villa is the oldest and largest patrician residence on the right bank of the Naviglio, to which a time was connected through a tree-lined boulevard 800 meters long, from piazza del Teatro, through a large park, continued over the course of the water up to the great esedra of Gambotto Villa Negri. Villa Clari is constituted by four bodies that are open to a central courtyard. For this it is believed that the building is built on the foundations of the old military fort of Lugagnano. Confiscated from the Chamber Regia, in 1691 it passed to the clari eight years after and such it remained until 1819. Passed to Cravanna, to Malvezzi and in the twentieth century was long abandoned. The building that it gives on the road to the left had an Oratory with frescoes and marble headstones now become dwelling. In the central building, on the first floor opens the master apartment of villa that had a big salon 80 meters long and ceilings 5 meters and a half high, entirely frescoed, largely still preserved. On the back of the villa opens a huge garden also recovered during the restorations.

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Villa Birago Clari Monzini

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