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The Mill of Mad Biraga

The Mill of Mad Biraga

Probably the portion of land surrounding the right bank of the Naviglio was the first to be built at the beginning of the XV century. The first documents relating to the territory of "Cassina Biraga" are dating back to 1428, the year in which Maffiolo Birago built the Roggia, causing it to derive from the Naviglio, for the operation of a mill. This, built shortly after, the boundary between the territory of Cassina Biraga and Lugagnano, is still existing and in function. The building still retains a structure very solid with few openings. On a wall opens a window of an ogive slightly strombata corniciata and elegant moldings in plaster. It is considered the oldest among the mills operating along the Cerchia dei Navigli, and perfectly restored a few years ago, conserves intact both the grindstone that all instruments drawings, including the gears in wood that connect the blades to the transmission pulleys. Considered the oldest among the functioning of the circle of the Navigli, conserves intact both the grindstone which gears in wood that connect the external blades to transmission pulleys. In 1435 the Birago did build a church, today adjacent to the mill.

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