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Santa Sofia Winery

  • Via Ca’ Dede’, 61, Fraz. Pedemonte di Valpolicella, San Pietro in Cariano (VR)
  • 0457701074
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The History A prestigious villa with a famous name, Santa Sofia, and an enological tradition important, witnessed by a family which is significant interpreter and passionate: the family Begnoni. In 1967 Giancarlo Begnoni detects by Countess Rizzardi Santa Sofia Winery, whose enological traditions date back to 1811. The Winery has its headquarters and cellars in Pedemonte (Verona), in one of the most beautiful and fascinating places in the Classic Valpolicella area. The origins of the Villa date back as far as 1560, the year in which the nobleman Marcantonio Serego is entrusted to the genius of the prestigious architect Andrea Palladio. Villa Santa Sofia, known in the past as Villa Serego, from 1996 is inserted in the UNESCO world heritage list together with the other houses built by Palladio. Already in the middle of '800, Santa Sofia was known for the excellent quality of its wines, but the enological tradition of the place has a more distant origins. Part of the ancient cellars, which can be visited even today, were used for the aging of wines already in the XIV and XV century. The Winery today Today the Begnoni family lives enthusiastically their role of witness and guardian of this great enological tradition. Family Begnoni's Winery manages 24 hectares of vineyards in the area of Classic Valpolicella, and has recently bought 45 hectares in the municipality of Grezzana, in the locality of Briago, 350-400 meters of altitude, in a region historically suited to the production of important red wines. Part of 45 hectares purchased will be converted into the vineyard according to methods and techniques of production able to observe better the impact on environmental resources and following the vocation of the land and of the position. Information The Staff organizes visits to the wine cellar and wine tasting tours on reservation (from Monday to Friday, in opening hours: 9.30-11.30 | 14.30-17.00; exceptionally on Saturday, in some periods of the year). Is it possible to buy all the products at the point of sale in the Winery.

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