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Rocca Manfrediana

Rocca Manfrediana

The Rocca Manfrediana and Venetian of Brisighella, also known as Rocca Manfrediana or Rocca dei Veneziani, or more simply Rocca of Brisighella, is a fortification located on the second of the three rocky pinnacles of selenite. The Rocca, dated 1228 and characterized by cylindrical towers, was started by Francesco Manfredi. From 1503 to 1509 it belonged to the Republic of Venice, which realized the great tower in addition to the existing torricino, and the walls on the two sides. Inside the structure was set up an exhibition which tells the relationship between man and the plaster, the material of which it is composed the pinnacle on which rests the rocca and that has always characterized the economy of the village.

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What to see

Rocca Manfrediana

Via Rontana, 64

Via degli Asini

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