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Palazzo Penotti Ubertini

Palazzo Penotti Ubertini

The Palazzo Penotti Ubertini (or Palazzo De Fortis) is an original example of eighteenth-century architecture, located in the center of the town of Orta San Giulio. The structure of particular artistic charm, regularly hosts exhibitions and cultural events. The construction of the palace began in the early years of the Eighteenth Century to end in 1747. Located on the left side of the slope that leads to the parish church of the Assunta, has a portal imposing a neoclassical rested. At the main entrance, through which they entered horse-drawn carriages, overlook the doors of the old wine cellars in which was preserved the wine inside large vats and now transformed into a library and in laboratories for didactics. Passing through an internal courtyard rooms on the piano nobile. Connected to the atrium, where we find a magnificent Austrian piano, there are Salons each of which stands out because of the peculiarity of the floors and the coffered ceilings decorated. Another characteristic of the palace are its chimneys, an unforgettable one in pietra serena showing at the center the coat of arms of the Visconti.

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