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Ethnographic Museum 'Oliva Carta Cannas'

Ethnographic Museum 'Oliva Carta Cannas'

The Ethnographic Museum Oliva Carta Cannas (MEOC) is a charming structure that masterfully integrates the majesty of granite with green spaces and contains in itself all the richness of the popular culture of Gallura, from 1600 to our days. Devoted to the exhibition of objects and furnishings typical linked to the domestic environment, to the world of weaving and to daily life, presents a faithful reconstruction of the "traditional house": period furniture and objects of daily use and a path through the activities of the domestic economy and food production (wine, bread, cheese, Lentisco Olive Oil). Also hosts the "Permanent Exhibition of the Aggese Carpet". Valuable product is famous throughout the island, but known and very appreciated also in Italy and abroad. In the big hall of the texture you can attend to the demonstration and explanation of this archaic art with the collaboration of the weavers to conduction of wooden frames. A special mention should go to the laboratories which they may enjoy behind booking groups and schools. Very refined and required are the laboratory of the bread of the feast, the working phases of the wool including the natural coloring, weaving, of the ancient way games, the sartorial laboratory with reconstruction of the dolls, beautiful handwriting, on herbs and medical.

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What to see
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