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Squares to clap for: The editorial of the June issue of Borghi Magazine

Squares  to clap for: The editorial of the June issue of Borghi Magazine
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The book we propose for your reading in this issue of the magazine, The Order of Time by Carlo Rovelli, tells about time by questioning many of our beliefs, such as the one implying that time flows uniformly everywhere. Actually there is no space, no time, no distinction between past and future, between memory and hope. Seen through the eyes of a scientist, a physicist working on quantum gravity, the world appears “of a desolate, terse and disturbing beauty”. There is no duration, there is no salvation and fear of death is only an accident of evolution. Our vision of reality resembles a collective delirium. We have given organisation to a world that is not what it looks like, because our gaze on it is short-sighted. The true reality is our emotions, what we feel, cry for, try, love. Between singing and crying our life goes by, and that it may be a song rather than a cry, be beauty, be love is what we can wish for. It is what we must strive for.

Therefore, may the song unfold in our marvellous squares, when summer comes and we start to live outdoors, clothes as light as our thoughts, which in turn become lighter. We bring you to the squares of the villages, because it is in the construction of the square that the Italian genius has given the best of itself, as claimed by art historians. Piazza Silvestri in Bevagna, Piazza del Popolo in Offida, Piazza del Campo in Santa Severina, Piazza Bentivoglio in Gualtieri or Piazza dei Corallini in Cervo. Entering these open spaces created between the houses is like entering a theatre, getting on stage and enjoying an applause. Because these squares deserve an applause. They are outdoor lounges, overlooked by the most beautiful architecture of the city or village. Often surrounded by arcades, they have not lost their function as agora: they remain a place of market, of partying, of games, of exchange of ideas and chatter.

Not seldom in the centre of the square is a fountain, as in Bevagna and Montefalco. The fountain recalls the flowing of life, which swarms in the nearby bars and shops, in the streets that lead to the core of the town. Water has been the main theme for the other pieces of this June issue. The Bressanone Water and Light Festival, the Amalfi coast by bike and the journey made in the wetlands of Friuli Venezia Giulia, from Fagagna, land of the storks, to Muggia, passing through Grado and Duino. Between lagoons and islets, nature reserves and estuaries, and Venetian architectures, we have discovered a fascinating region. An ancient desire for navigation has lastly brought us to Cornwall, between smugglers and sea dogs, in two villages - Polperro and Looe - that truly are as great as ours.

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