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White gold in Basilicata: found a truffle of 600 grams

White gold in Basilicata: found a truffle of 600 grams

The Lucanian territories hide treasures, landscapes, architectures and more. Just between these valleys, in the province of Matera, a precious white truffle has been found with a record weight of 600 grams. The exquisite exemplary of Tuber Magnatum Pico for over half a kilo was found by the entrepreneur and young truffler Antonio Allegretti.

An unexpected success in these areas, where specimens of this entity have so far been quite deficient, and that shed new light on a new entrepreneurial opportunity throughout the Lucan territory. The discovery was shared with the Agriculture Department of the Region, drawing the attention of Regional Adviser Luca Braia, who commented as follows:

"Basilicata of premium truffle has all the cards in place to emerge on the market with a peculiar identity, and this sharing is a great sign that we are going in the right direction. The truffle could be the real gold of Basilicata. "

A rosy prospect that seems to be shared globally, given the bidding that is already coming from around the world. Considering the current value of white truffles, which can reach 5,000 euros per kilo, exponentially increased by the individual characteristics of some specimens, the economic outlook appears to be very interesting.

The truffle Antonio Allegretti said: "I have had so many contacts, but I decided to take a few more days to decide. Within three days I would like to sell it to keep its peculiarities of flavor.