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World Food Day: Migration and Sustainability are the 2017 themes

 World Food Day: Migration and Sustainability are the 2017 themes

October 16, World Food Day. This important event was born to commemorate the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), born in 1945. The aim of this recurrence is to raise awareness and mobilize public opinion in support of hungry people, and ensure food security and nutrition for everyone. Every year the theme is different: this year the title is: "We change the future of migration. We invest in food security and rural development.”

The focus is on the phenomenon of migratory movements, due to political and environmental imbalances, and the increasingly urgent quest for eco-sustainability and substantial growth in food production.

Considering the current growth rate of the world's population, in 2050 food production should have increased by 60% to ensure everyone’s nutrition. In fact, agriculture is among the economic sectors that are most affected by climate change.

In our country will be taken many initiatives to combat waste and to promote a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle. As the tax policy for less environmentally sustainable products, which could reduce 19% in Italy emissions from production processes and agri-food consumption, without weighing on the pockets of consumers. This is what emerged from the Susdiet - Understanding Consumer Behavior Program - to encourage (more) sustainable food choice, just concluded, involving scholars from 9 countries and different disciplines.

The Mediterranean Diet, based mainly on seasonal farming and a wide variety of raw materials, is always an excellent lifestyle. Proper balancing of the three food macrogroups, carbohydrates, vegetables and proteins, diversification of raw material varieties and many Italian DOP and DOC, IGP and STG products.