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The Borghi Magazine Community is born. A place to tell about villages in your own way

The Borghi Magazine Community is born. A place to tell about villages in your own way

What do italian villages’ lovers share?
The unbridled passion of discovering the hidden pearls and the excellence of our peninsula, a fascination for history, traditions from crafts to popular dances, breathtaking landscapes and a varied and irresistible cuisine.

It is just thinking about the common topics of interest of our readers that we thought to create an online platform where everyone can tell their own experience, knowledge and passion for the villages, the Borghi Magazine Community.


Join the Borghi Magazine Community in just a few clicks. By signing up, you can, through texts and photos, tell your personal experience in a village, but not only, your photos will join BorghiPic and your articles will be part of the site's headlines. By doing so, besides enriching your personal profile, you will help your favorite villages to be more and more popular, appreciated and experienced at any time of the year.

The Borghi Magazine Community will allow you to become part of our bloggers and photographers, your experiences and information will be highly valued, shared on our social channels and will help increase the interest and knowledge of the villages.

It does not matter that you love to tell through the pictures or through the words: the important thing is to express yourself!


Freedom of expression is one of the primary conditions of our neo-community, provided that text and photographic sources are original and reliable and understandable for users who want to benefit from it! For this reason, before going online, your content will be evaluated by our editorial staff. Content may be subject to changes; If the news reports are found to be inaccurate, the post in question will not be shared within our platform.

Do you like to turn around villages and tell them in your own way?
Join the Community of Borghi Magazine!
Share your experiences and promote the culture of italian villages!