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Borghi Magazine at TUTTOFOOD 2017

Borghi Magazine at TUTTOFOOD 2017
Discover Tremosine sul Garda

TUTTOFOOD 2017, the international trade fair for food & beverage, organized by Fiera Milano  inaugurated on May 8th will end today. In only 5 editions it has become the ideal stage to showcase its products to the national and international market. TUTTOFOOD is the most comprehensive offer of all sectors related to food, nutrition and the ever-increasing innovation that has always been investing in these sub-funds.

Borghi Magazine certainly did not miss the appointment to support all those entrepreneurial and gastronomic realities who, while having the qualities to be present at this international fair, have not lost that Artisan spirit, deeply inspired by tradition, history and territory. In spite of this, or rather, because of this, they look secure at a high level of competitiveness, aware of the quality inherent in their products. 

As always conscious of our own identity, we introduce here our report knowing to have the ability to snatch a bit at a time. And a little bit at a time we bring to you.

So what is food, or rather, what is good food? What ingredients make a product reach such a large scale market that converted to industrial production does not lose its quality and magic.

We could not avoid asking it to ourselves here at TUTTOFOOD, aware of our role and our approach to the culture of good food and good drinking in Italy, bound to distant or remote territories, to villages with special names, rich in history and tradition, culture, good food, and wise use of land products.

The answer we have tried to give, fruit as always of direct experience with these realities, of the ability to listen and to wonder in the face of things, is this, indeed, are two: truth and passion.

To remain loyal to yourself, to a story, to a territory, and to a tradition is certainly the first step. Things that come from afar, which inspire us and will continue to do so, things that still deserve our attention, but that with patience and passion (here's our second answer) can be brought before in the present and then in the future. Without lying, respecting quality and stubbornness. Tradition is always obstinate, it is up to us to move it.

The other risk is to face situations in which your tradition is exploited to sell products that have nothing to do with the original product, the one taht have jealously have kept method and history.

And then you have to keep telling your story. Your own truth.

Borghi Magazine wants to tell all these truths. It wants to move these traditions and bring them to the attention of our readers with passion and attention.

Of this and more we talked with the people we met at TUTTOFOOD 2017. We want to introduce them to you. From the real Colatura di Alici di Cetara, with Imma Nunziata of Acquapazza Gourmet to the fragrant Pesto di Prà. From the producers of the Pecorino Toscano DOP and their Consortium of Protection, to the secular and inimitable flavor, rich and dense of history (it is the case to say) of balsamic vinegar by Pedroni and Leonardi.

Thank you for letting us discover your truths and your passion. We will treasure these values.