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The National Day of Wine and Oil Culture is approaching

The National Day of Wine and Oil Culture is approaching

On Saturday, May 13, 2017 will be held throughout Italy, the Italian Sommelier Association's day that celebrates the culture of wine and oil. 

In the various regions of Italy, representative sites, highly qualified interlocutors and producers have been identified, able to express the essence of the territory in their oils and wines. Parallel to the qualitative level of the events, the growing appreciation of an ever-growing audience, made up of workmen and especially conscious and passionate consumers.

RAI (Itlaian Radio and TV) will be the main Media Partner of the initiative and given the strong territorial value, also thanks to the support of MIBACT (Italian Ministry of Cultural Activity, Heritage and Tourism) that has made available more than 15 museum locations for local events, TGR has assumed the role of Media Partner to contribute with its regional editions To the diffusion of the knowledge of the Culture of Oil and Wine.

2017 Issue: Traditional vines and cultivars: an identity to be preserved, a heritage to be valued, a theme of great impact and a link to culture, art and the Italian enoic and olive tradition, real world excellence in these productive sectors. MIBACT has adhered to this project considering it a further opportunity to highlight some museum sites through this inseparable link. It strengthens the relationship with MIPAAF (Ministry of Agricultural Food and Forestry Policies), which renews its collaboration through the General Directorate of the Central Inspectorate for Quality Assurance and Fraud Repression of Agri-Food Products.