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Borghi magazine's mission

Borghi magazine's mission

BORGHI magazine, is the new magazine for anyone who loves to travel and discover the cultural treasures, architectural, landscape and culinary delights of the best Italian villages, it is realized in order to promote the huge heritage represented by the "little jewels"  that Italy, the beautiful country, has to offer at a national and international level. Distributed in newsstands all over the national territory and in the major european cities and over (Dubai, New York, and more) is also available on a digital edition for desktop,  smartphones and tablet (Apple and Android platforms). Every month BORGHI magazine offers its readers interesting ideas, through spectacular images and targeted services, with the aim to create awareness and support the cultural and artistic heritage of the best Italian villages, offering itineraries especially studied to discover and taste the best Italian excellence in the field of art, culture, landscape, food and wine.

The noun "borgo", associated to the adjectives "italian" and "beautiful", gives immediately the idea of what we are talking about: the village is the result of a secular, indeed millennial, process of trasformation of a territory through  architecture, urbanism, cultivation, landscape, cuisine, culture and art.
You could say that the "italian villages" are the first true made in Italy, along with fashion design, food and wine and the manufacturing industry in general.
BORGHI Magazine has the intention to marry these two concepts "villages" and "Made in Italy", united by the "beautiful" which distinguishes them.
This magazine aims to put in communication the world of villages with the public at large, through the use of new technologies that with the promotion of events and initiatives on the territory - enabling people to be the protagonists of this heritage of excellence: Italy of the villages, an ideal place to plan their holidays and weekends.

"Going around Italian villages" is a pleasure. Try!