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Montecopiolo, the cradle of Montefeltro

Montecopiolo, the cradle of Montefeltro

My locus solus is Montecopiolo, in the historic region of Montefeltro, in the heart of the northern Apennines. Its origins are linked to the castle from which, at 1030 meters above sea level, the view is breathtaking, among  Romagna, Marche, Tuscany, the neighboring Republic of San Marino and the Adriatic Sea. Today the castle, abandoned since the seventeenth century, is an archaeological site. The  Counts of Montecopiolo ,  appointed in the thirteenth century with  the title of Counts of Montefeltro, would then  become  the Dukes of Urbino, whose origin, therefore, is inMontecopiolo.


Our Municipality is the highest in the province of Pesaro-Urbino and  is surrounded by silver firs, beeches, maple trees, oaks, and rich in wildlife such as wolves, deer, roe deer and rare birds, all protected by the Interregional Park of Sasso Simone and Simonello. Onthe  top of the Monte Carpegna, in the beech wood of Pianacquadio there is  the sanctuary of the Madonna del Faggio. A must see is also theCurch of the hamlet of  MonteRotto,  with frescoes and paintings of the seventeenth century, and the "Balconi di Pierodella Francesca '', the views that the great artist has depicted in the background of his paintings and which were discovered by two" hunters of landscapes". Here you can go hiking and in winter skiing on Mount Carpegna.

by Fabio comandini

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