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Italy 360 degrees, panoramas and views of the most beautiful of Italy

Italy 360 degrees, panoramas and views of the most beautiful of Italy

Do we really know our peninsula? It's hard to say yes to this question: we are lucky enough to live in an extremely varied country: naturally but not just: from a historical and cultural point of view.

Italy 360 degrees, Edizioni Priuli and Verlucca is a wonderful photographic book that comes to our rescue with this goal: filling the gaps of our knowledge and fully satisfying our curiosity.

A full-color volume that collects over 120 fascinating Italian views. 360 degrees Italy collects the most beautiful shots dedicated to our territory, and brings them together under the clever pen of Fabio Bourbon, a well-known essayist and historian.

There are many themes in the center of the proposed photographic shots: Italy is described through immensely large, but also through details. So beneath our eyes stand wonderful mountain landscapes, wooded outcrops and small villages overhanging the sea. Then go to look at a typical local crafts work, a wine of excellence immortalized in its best shade, the smile of a passer-by.

360 degrees Italy is a dip in our country, an invitation to discover it in every nuance you will not know to resist.


Italia 360 gradi
Italia 360 gradi
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