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Nebrodi Park: Uncontaminated nature, art and gastronomic excellence in Sicily

Nebrodi Park: Uncontaminated nature, art and gastronomic excellence in Sicily
Discover San Marco d'Alunzio

When we think of Sicily our thinking flies to breathtaking views of all sorts: hills, mountains and seas. This territory is distinguished in its excellence from many points of view: natural, cultural and food and wine. There are then Sicilian territories in which these categories seem to converge as in the Nebrodi Park, near the village of San Marco D'Alunzio. Let's discover it!

Amazing nature. Lakes, waterfalls and mountains you will not forget

If your goal is to spend quality time in the middle of nature, you will certainly not be disappointed in the Nebrodi Park. For many athletes, many seasonal trails are marked, marked by the time of travel and the required preparation for the walk.

We can not advise you to visit The Rocche del Crasto: dolomitic formations of Mesozoic era, are visible from the villages of Alcara Li Fusi, Longi and Blessed Marco D'Alunzio. Among them, stands the Traora Rocca, a popular destination for tourists because of its fauna importance: here is a privileged point of view of the Griffin, a raptor that has long been re-introduced successfully in these areas.

Cultural heritage and tradition

This area deserves to be explored also in its tradition of craftsmanship: the unquestionable excellence of the area is the Ceramic of Santo Stefano di Camastra, produced since the XVII century, known and exported throughout the Mediterranean. Yellow, cobalt, green and red tile tiles are still visible throughout the country, set in the fences of the palaces. They are still produced in the ceramic workshops of the city.


Bronte Pistachio: So precious to have been renamed green gold. Bronte pistachio peeps into many traditional dishes of the whole island, and has gained world-class reputation nowadays. The Bronte pistachio has different characteristics from the common pistachios of the Middle East, its land of origin, and has now become Slow Food Presidium.

The black Nebrodi’s Pig: Black is a pig of small size and dark clout, very similar to wild boar, living in the woods of the Nebrodi and breeding semibrado in large areas of pasture. Products made from black beef bred meat express a significantly higher aromatic intensity and have a higher attitude towards long maturation. Of course the black pig meat - in its various cuts - can also be consumed fresh. Black Nebrodi's pig is also Slow Food Presidium.