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An itinerary up and down the hills of Turin

An itinerary up and down the hills of Turin

An outdoor trip for the weekends of spring. From the northern part of Turin, starts one of the most spectacular hilly path of the whole Piedmont, among architectural treasures, good food, landscapes and castles.

The departure from the village of Sassi, the climb to the hill of Superga, the descent to BaldisseroTorinese, the other climb to Pavarolo, then Montaldo and finally Marentino are a succession of unexpected surprises.

Stazione della tranvia a dentiera - Sassi

From Sassi we climb along old walls and ancient villas, to the church of Superga, a baroque masterpiece by Filippo Juvarra, the architect of the Savoia familyfrom Messina. 75 meters high and 51 meters long, the site has also six chapels with statues and monuments made of Carrara marble, while the dome is inspired by the Roman works of Borromini. The Royal Crypt, which houses the graves of the kings of Sardinia, the royal apartments and the dome are the unmissable stops of the visit.

Basilica di Superga

Leaving Superga, we go down towards Baldissero, in a stretch of trail that winds partly in the natural park of the Superga hill. The view runs to the villages perched on the hills, such as Baldissero, with its eighteenth-century Baroque church of Santa Maria della Spina. Among the most populous villages of the hill, Baldissero deserves a stop just to appreciate the excellent local cuisine offered by inns, restaurants and farmhouses, where you have to taste the Piedmonts’ variety of fries mixed dishes, tagliolini (home made pasta) with mushrooms or a roast slice served with the local wine Freisa di Chieri.

Campanile di Pavarolo

Leaving Baldissero, we could take the winding road that leads to the valley, in theshadow of the hill on which Pavarolo is perched. One of the most important Italian artist of the twentieth century, Felice Casorati, stayed there for years. Pavarolo remembers and celebrates him in its streets, which saw him working, with excellent painting works. Alleys, views over the valleys and so much greenery are combined with castle views, massive building surrounded by a beautiful park.

Castello di Montaldo

Leaving Pavarolo we go down and up to the Montaldo hill. Land of grapes and cereals, it is perched on a woody hill. Several lanes go up to the castle.

Panoramica di Marentino

A suggestive country road, finally leads us to Marentino, which strikes you for its colourful murals of the old town facades. There are two unmissable stops in this village: Casa Zuccalà, classic example of “vineyard” hill, summer residence of upper-class families between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, and the Assunta parish church, at the highest point of the village; from the churchyard the view runs over to the nearby and extraordinary Monferrato.