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36th Fish and Chips Festival at Barga: a bargo-scottish event

36th Fish and Chips Festival at Barga: a bargo-scottish event
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Perhaps you do not know, but the famous fish and chips, a typical dish of Anglo-Saxon tradition made of fish and french fries, finds his actual origin in Barga, the charming Tuscan hamlet in the Valley of Serchio in the province of Lucca.

Everything started in 1800, when some local emigrants landed in Scotland and opened several restaurants, where they served fried fish and chips, cooked according to Barga's traditional recipe. Over the years, however, this dish has become a widespread institution in the UK, which all tourists are looking forward to trying at least once.

But do not worry, you do not need to go to Scotland: From July 28th to August 17th you can go on a fish and chips binge, at the Fish and Chips Festival at Barga, which this year comes to its 36th edition and has attracted 'Attention also to the British daily The Independent and the BBC.

Starting at 19:30 in Via Giacomo Puccini, 55051 (Barga), you will find many stands full of local specialties: in addition to fish and potatoes, you will also find other dishes such as several first courses, grilled meat, cold dishes, typical pastries and much more. In addition, Gluten-free friends on 4-5-6, 11-12-13, and 15-16-17 August there will also be a gluten-free version of the festival.

After dinner, the party continues with live music and organized dance sessions.

And if it rains? Don’t panic, the gourmet stands are set indoors and the festival will be going on even in case of bad weather.

Here is the poster with all the details of the event:

fish and chips barga