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Medieval Ferragosto at the court of Peter the Verme

Medieval Ferragosto at the court of Peter the Verme
Discover Zavattarello

Like every year on August 15 and 16, the Zavattarello Castle Verme will re-evoke its historical past and organize an event to commemorate Chiara Sforza's engagement with the most famous inhabitant of the castle: Pietro dal Verme.

Throughout the event you can plunge in 15th century and experience two days of great party with ladies and knights, artisans and courtiers, who will animate the village with reenactment of battles, dances, medieval games and much more ...

During these two days, Piazza Verme will become a medieval marketplace where you can buy souvenirs, see craft demonstrations and experience ancient games.

There will also be guided tours inside the castle halls, where you will meet dancers, musicians, knights and gentlemen who, thanks to their reconstruction of rock life in the late 15th century, will revive an ancient atmosphere of a unique character; But pay special attention when you enter the torture room ...
Adventures are just begun: enemies will try to besiege the castle and Peter and his will have to show all their worth in rejecting the assault.

On the evening of August 15, the event will be crowned by a medieval dinner at the foot of the castle with menus of the time. A company in costume will pay homage to Peter and Chiara and their guests with dancing, music, juggling, duels.
at the end, in Piazza Verme, the fire show "On the Jungle Routes" and the fireworks.

Also, during both days, a free shuttle service from Piazza Dal Verme to Castello is guaranteed.

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