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The legend of the Rocca of the Seven Brothers in the Langhe

The legend of the Rocca of the Seven Brothers in the Langhe
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A Langhe legend tells of seven brothers who worked hard on a hillside. The work was very tiring and disappointment and despair afflicted them to see the meager meals brought to them by their sister.

On a Friday, abstinence date according to Catholic canons, the seven brothers began to insult the sister and to swear to the rule that had led her to prepare such a thin lunch.

Hungry and angry, the seven brothers continued to swear while a procession led by the pastor was approaching. The procession was carrying a holy viatic to the sick in solemn form, and before this show, the sister knelt in prayer inviting the brothers to do the same.

The even more upset brothers continued with their insults and blasphemies as they made a challenge to God that would have made them sink into an abyss if it had actually existed.

The shasm created by divine punishment is today called Rocca of the seven brothers, near Treiso, not far from Barbaresco and Neive. If you pass around this area it is impossible not to notice the "rock". The chasm in contrast to the Barbaresco hills is even more noticeable in the fall and spring periods and offer one of the most spectacular panoramic views along the path of the Romantic Road of the Langhe and the Roero.

In reality this chasm was created by the erosion of water that over the centuries dug the hill. The walls are steep, with protrusions stretched out towards the center of the cliff almost completely free from vegetation. The tall edge, however, is rich in tall trees.

If you are wondering, the legendary sister was spared the tragedy and found herself on the edge of the ravine after the divine punishment.