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Trip to Diamond, the land of the murals

Trip to Diamond, the land of the murals
Discover Diamante

It was the painter Nani Razzetti, a Milanese but diamantese adopter to propose to the mayor of Diamante of the time, Evasio Pascale, the project "Operation Murales" which would lead to a revitalization of the historic center of the beautiful village in the province of Cosenza. On the walls of the houses of this village, known and less known artists have been practicing their creative work on various themes and subjects since 1981.

To date there are more than 150 murals present, and the number is nothing more than to increase. In spite of the various themes dealt with, from love to the history of the village, to the journey a single thread: the ability to create an irrepressible sense of happiness.

A murals recites the following phrase: "Beauty is a desire for happiness." A short and concise phrase that seems to have grasped the spirit of the project.