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The ghost of the marquis Carlo Francesco Agostino of Fosdinovo

The ghost of the marquis Carlo Francesco Agostino of Fosdinovo
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The Malaspina Castle of Fosdinovo is a fortress dating back to the mid-twelfth century which, with its architectural features and the stories related to this building, it dominates the territory of Lunigiana with a unique charm. From its strategic position in the north of Tuscany, between the Apuan Alps and the Tyrrhenian coast (Lerici, Cinque Terre, Versilia), you can admire a panorama that extends from the Apuan Alps to the Plain of the River Magra to the sea. On clearer days you can even see the Corsica Isle, the Elba Island, a stretch of Liguria and even a part of the French Alps.

Today, the Castle hosts a museum, a cultural center dedicated to the production and spread of contemporary arts, a residence for artists and writers, and also a small, cozy bed and breakfast. In this Castle the Malaspina dynasty governed the entire territory for centuries, hosting famous characters such as Dante Alighieri, and writers such as Shelley, Byron, Petrarca and Montale fell in love with this marvellous fortress.

The legends that flourish around the characters who centuries ago lived in the castle, made the castle more and more famous. We, the Borghi Magazine editors, wolud like to guide you along this journey of history and mystery telling you every legend, one by one.

We begin our journey with the legend of the phantom of the Marquis Carlo Francesco Agostino, one of the most famous and documented stories of the Castle.
It is reported that, shortly after the death of the Marquis Carlo Francesco Agostino Malaspina, his two sons Gabriele and Azzolino, while walking along the streets of Canipola, saw a person dressed with bedroom clothing in front of the window, just as Marquis Carlo used to do. As they approached the figure, they realized that their dead father appeared in front of them! They immediately opened the uninhabited dwelling, but when they came no one was there ...
When they arrived home, the two brothers were so scared and talked about the story so much, that Fivizzano's governor, William Capponi, felt that he had to investigate this apparition, but, still nowadays, it remains a mystery.The story was also witnessed by Branchi, the writer who in 1722 wrote about this terrific legend...