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Sorso, Sardinia: abandoned bride, but she doesn’t give up.

Sorso, Sardinia: abandoned bride, but she doesn’t give up.
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On a wedding day everything should be perfect, every moment made of sweet sighs, tears of joy and candies.. but something went wrong.

In the tiny Sorso village, near  Sassari, Sardinia, a bride was abandoned by her fiancé just a moment before the celebration. The man, a 24 year-old military changed his mind at the last moment, and decided to barricade in the barracks without any announcment.

After a first moment of concern by his family and, of course, by his fiancée, the man decided to make an explanations  call, turning everything into a real nightmare.

Nothing too strange so far.. eccept for the bride’s wanderful reaction: in fact, after a first moment of despair she decided to dry her tears and not to waste the fantastic refreshment that was still waiting for everybody. The refreshment was consumed, and the day was spend with laughts and hugs.

Honor to this bride’s self irony and to Sorso: When the game gets tough, the brides start playing!