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All the news about italian villages

Also 2 Indian VIPs have chosen an italian village for their wedding

Bollywood star Anushka Sharma and Cricket national captain Virat Kohli will marry in an exclusive location near Buonconvento (Siena).

Sgarbi proposes to bring the Dancing Satyr to Vinitaly 2018

The Councilor for Cultural Heritage wants to bring the famous statue to Verona in the pavilion that will host the Sicilian cellars from April 15th to 18th 2018

Life through a camera: #viedellolio

Thanks to the collaboration with Yallers, here are the photos of the oil routes we chose and published on our magazine in November 2017

From the village to the ski slope. Since Saturday, the slopes are open on the Abetone

Thanks to the snowfall of the past few days the Pistoia ski season begins and the ski fever rises

The mayors of Capo di Leuca Villages to service for the World Day of the Poor

Sunday 19 November there will be the 1st World Day dedicated to the poor and the excluded. The villages of Capo di Leuca will activately participate with an interesting beneficial initiative.

World White Truffle Auction. Among the Langhe, Hong Kong and Dubai over 300,000 euros earnings

The 18th World White Truffle Auction ended with a striking success.

Ortigia's Diana fountain finally returns, in all its splendor

Back in function and in all its beauty after months of restoration and technical problems, the monumental work of Giulio Moschetti of 1907

Awarded with the Umberto Agnelli Prize the Japanese TV show about Italian villages

Over 260 episodes and tales of villages have fascinated and continue to fascinate the great Japanese audience of BS NTV (Nippon Television)

New garrison and change of guard in the Principality of Seborga

New steps towards enhancing and improving the tourist image of the Ligurian village after the agreement with Costa Crociere

#estateneiborghi2017 - The winning photos and the interview to the winner of the Yallers contest

The second photo contest of Yallers dedicated to the villages ended. Here are the winners of the summer season and the interview to the first ranked photographer

#lucideiborghi, the second photo contest organized by Yallers and Borghi Magazine about lighting in the villages

After the success of #videllolio, this second contest will see the villages under a new light

Journey to the harshest and most wild Sardinia: Barbagia

Discovering Barbagia: Sardinia with ancient, austere and beautiful traditions.

Corbule, Canestri and Pontine of Castelsardo: a story of interweaving

Sardinian craft tradition is very rich and partly unexplored. Among the typical things, the famous baskets, spread throughout Sardinian territory and which gain a special value in the village of Castelsardo.

White gold in Basilicata: found a truffle of 600 grams

In the Lucanese territory, a fine white truffle with a weight of 600 grams was found in the province of Matera.

World Food Day: Migration and Sustainability are the 2017 themes

October 16th 2017, World Food Day. There are a lot of topics covered for this 2017 edition, from migratory waves to growth and productive ecosystem.

The Bells from the village of Agnone, so beautiful to seduce the world

The molisane crafts in the production of bells conquer the world, beginning with Indonesia, Myanmar and Thailand.

ANCI and MIBACT are sponsoring the 'Italian Villages' project on Airbnb

2017 is the year of the villages: Airb&b makes room for Italian villages on its portal, with the patronage of ANCI and MIBACT. The plan includes more than 40 valued towns.

Umbria.Go! The unique ticket for all public transportation to facilitate the discovery of Umbrian tourism

The first experiment in Italy of an all-inclusive integrated ticket. A real revolution that will surely benefit the villages in Umbria

A journey to the village of Usseaux and a visit to the nearby Fort of Fenestrelle

In the shadow of the Albergian and the Orsiera, where the battle of Assietta took place, among murals, genepì, pastures and woods.

800 years old: Happy birthay Vallo di Nera

September 23, 1217-23 September 2017: Vallo di Nera is 800 years old. Dances, conferences, exhibitions and music will celebrate one of the most beautiful umbrian villages and its castle.

The Borghi Magazine Community is born. A place to tell about villages in your own way

Join our team and promote the culture of italian villages through your experiences.

The winning photos and the interview to the winner of Yallers' #primaveraneiborghi2017

Getting ready for #estateneiborghi2017, the second contest of Yallers dedicated to Italian villages in 2017, here are the 3 winning photos of #primaveraneiborghi2017

The partnership between Borghi Magazine and Yallers is born... and the villages are increasingly in the spotlight

Photography and social, villages and fans of Italian excellence... two entities that couldn't not meet.

Liguria back at the top! Interview to Giovanni Berrino, the councillor for tourism

We asked Giovanni Berrino how the region reached, in 2016, 15 million tourist presences, a figure registered for the last time in 2002, by going back to being one of the most loved territories by Italians and foreigners.

Apulia is the most booked region for summer 2017

One of the most popular villages in Italy for summer holidays is Vieste, in the province of Foggia, which remains among the most popular destinations

Borghi Magazine at TUTTOFOOD 2017

the importance of being authentic

The National Day of Wine and Oil Culture is approaching

As promoted by MIPAAF, MIBACT and RAI, Saturday May 13 will be the celebratory day of the wine and oil culture of the Italian Sommelier Association

Borghi Magazine was at the XVI National Review of the association of the Paesi Bandiera Arancione

Borghi magazine was present at Cannero Riviera and Cannobbio (Vb), municipalities that hosted the XVI National Review and the Board Meeting of the association of the Paesi Bandiera Arancione

Unique Tuscan villages to Love - Download a free travel guide to the 51 certified Tuscan villages

A free Tuscan travel guide has recently been realized, in English and Italian, by the Tuscan tourist border. It contains approximately 51 Tuscan villages certified in the Borghi più Belli D'Italia, Paesi Bandiera Arancione, Mibact's Gioielli d'Italia and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Venzone, in the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, is the most beautiful Italian village of 2017

Among the twenty villages that were competing for the nomination of Borgo dei Borghi (most beautiful Italian village) of 2017, a survey promoted by the TV program Alle falde del Kilimangiaro of the channel Rai 3, the winner is Venzone

Villages in Lombardy: visit them by bringing with you #ilPassaporto

In 2017, the Year of the Villages in Italy, as declared by the MiBACT, traveling among Lombard villages means discovering the authentic heart of a region with many destinations to experience and to "collect": thanks to #ilPassaporto #inLombardia