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Villages abroad

A glimpse to villages beyond the Alpes

Funchal (Portugal) the capital of Madeira Island, the birthplace of the champion Cristiano Ronaldo

Capital of Madeira island, land of wine, sea, history and culture, among botanical gardens, museums and the love for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Dubrovnik, stone alchemy

The three-sided sea-rock bluff welcomes the fort of Lovrijenac, a symbol of Dubrovnik's invincibility for centuries. It is the last sheltered point of the Dalmatian coast and you can breathe in the malia of the hermitages and the ferment of the emporiums

Počitelj, wonder of stone on the Neretva River

The Balkans are our closer East, a place of timeless charm.

Sanvincenti. A lonely place in the countryside of Istria

a beautiful panoramic road between the vineyards leads to this village in the interior of Istria.

Oia. Endless sunset

Oia is the most beautiful village of Santorini Island and one of the most fascinating of all Cyclades.

Orkney Islands: fall in love with the remote islands

The Orkney Islands are an archipelago of the Northern Isles of Scotland. They are located 16 km north of the northern coast of the Scottish Caithness, famous for being rich in Viking finds and include about 70 islands, of which 20 are still inhabited.

Spain: Mountain air at Puertomingalvo

Puertomingalvo is one of the eleven pueblos mas bonitos of Aragon, Spain

Dana. The beauty of the desert

Dana is one of the most interesting villages in the Middle East, located on the Road of the Kings about 200 km from Amman, the capital of Jordan.

Wuthering Heights. Journey to the Yorkshire moors

An environment still wild about thirty miles from Leeds, in northern England.

Eglisau (Switzerland) - Where the Rhine peacefully flows

Eglisau, in Canton Zurich (German-speaking Switzerland), welcomes us with a series of tightly huddled historic dwellings facing the river. The Rhine here calmly makes its way between woods and vineyards.

Mosset: The Tower of the Scents

Mosset is a village with 300 inhabitants in the region Languedoc-Roussillon, perched on a rocky spur that dominates the valley of the river Castellane

Morella (Spain) - The Cid Castle

The walls and the castle are the things that catch the eye of the traveler immediately, coming in this “pueblo” enclosed in its stone circle, lost in the steep, mountainous and semi-desert territory of the Maestrazgo. We get here by crossing ravines, pine forests and oak woods.

Soglio (Switzerland): the edge of paradise

In this article, we will bring you to the village of Soglio in Switzerland, and we will reach the gates of paradise that have inspired artists of various kinds and have kept their sober, but at the same time fascinating, character.

Crupet (Belgium), a bucolic village

An article that makes you discover the Belgian village of Crupet, a hamlet characterised by a lively built- up area made of sandstone and limestone, surrounded by water.

Peratallada: Light stones and gardens of hydrangea

In this article we tell you about a trip made during a dense summer day, similar to those of this fiery July, and we will show you the village of Peratallada in Catalonia, a village surrounded by a thousand stone treasures ...