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The curious side of italian villages

The gates of mystery open wide, breaking down the barriers of the supernatural, myth and legends. The dark side of the Italian villages reveals its essence with echoes from a distant, unknown and sometimes scary past. A column for the fearless who have fur on their stomachs to sell!

Four steps ... in 4 fortified villages

Poker of aces of fortified villages to go to the discovery of history and curiosities. Legends intertwined with art and architecture, medieval or renaissance epics that reveal to the visitor all the uniqueness of these Italian jewels

Mount Mosiné: alien base and land of dark mysteries and spiritual legends

At the gates of the Val di Susa, a few kilometers from Turin, stands the most mysterious mountain in Italy, Mount Mosiné. The place is famous for its countless sightings of UFOs and for its ancient esoteric legends.

The lakes of Avigliana between mysteries and fantasy

A few kilometers from Turin we find the town of Avigliana, a famous village located within the Natural Park of the lakes of Avigliana, next to the Mareschi swamp.

10 things to do in 10 Italian villages, great classics and unexpected surprises

Ten things to do and see in ten villages: a trip along the Peninsula to live as protagonists the most precious and authentic Italian places, full of curiosities and opportunities

5 villages with ghosts and witches for Halloween

Scary villages and even movie sets, castles with ghosts, witches' sands, legends and mysterious phenomena, magic potions and poisons. For strong and... fearful emotions!

Piea and its castle, a small village between Monferrato and mysteries

Among the eighty rooms of his castle goes the ghost of the White Lady.

That link between Martina Franca and San Gennaro

The village of the Itria valley

The legend of the Talami of Orsogna

It is celebrated twice a year, at Easter and in August, and while all of Italy is preparing for fireworks, barbecues and battles with water balloons, Orsogna is ready with its legendary Talami

Turin, magic and mysteries in black and white

Elegant, regal and mysterious. Turin is considered the most esoteric city of Italy: surrounded by mystery, it is a fascinating charade of enigmas and legends

The mysterious coral castle of Miami

A mysterious complex built in secret by one man, to be able to regain his beloved.

Castle of Torrechiara, the legend of love between the duchess and the condottiere

A castle, a brave hero and a lady: the ingredients are all there, for this legend intertwined with the story to be retraced on the rio delle Favole and in the manor, especially in the "Golden Chamber"

The legend of Princess Gavina and the birth of the village of Gavi

A mysterious girl with a strong personality, an escape of love and a passion for a territory. An interweaving of history and legend... spread in taverns.

Candela, the delightful village of Foggia, where the roots of the actor Pierfrancesco Favino lie.

The hills of South Daunia, the views, the domination of the Swabians, the alleys and squares, the orecchiette, the "ciammaruche", the Mother Church, the successes of Pierfrancesco Favino, the cinema and television and then the Sanremo Festival.

The legend of the ghost of the beautiful White Lady of the castle of Duino

A sad and touching story tells us of a noble lady, in love and faithful, of her consort, evil and jealous, and of a strange white rock

The figure of Nicola Ielpo and the village of Rotondella

The history of the old 500 liras? It begun in the Lucania of Rotondella.

Giarratana, the village on the slopes of Monte Lauro, home of the actress Loredana Cannata

The beautiful baroque churches, the characteristic hilly setting, the alleys, the stairs, the characteristic foreshortenings, the white nougat, the onion and the beautiful actress Loredana Cannata, protagonist of many successful films

Zocca, the small village of the Apennines of Modena that gave birth to Vasco Rossi.

Zocca is a land of chestnuts and good air, borlenghi and crescentine, but also music and the birthplace of the great Vasco Rossi.

The Easter seeds of the village of Corinaldo

An ancient tradition that relives every year, a simple gesture linked to popular religiosity and at the same time a way to find small moments of escape from the daily frenzy

The legend of the love between Cristalda and Pizzomunno

One of the most popular legends of Gargano. A pure and unstoppable love, contrasted by some wicked sirens, which will be the protagonist of the song that Max Gazzè will present to the 68th Sanremo Music Festival.

The legend of the ghost of Azzurrina of the castle of Montebello

The mysterious disappearance of a "different" girl who became legend with the passing of the centuries

The legends of the Lady in Black and the Lady of the Pink Bridge of Garessio

A mysterious painting, a medieval trap and two ghosts of fascinating ladies

The legend of King Ombro and his beautiful daughter Ombretta, of Sottoguda

A magical bronze portal, a fairytale and inaccessible kingdom, a beautiful princess and the wickedness of her stepmother

The legend of the Virgin Ardenza and the bells of Viggianello

One day a year, the tolling of the village bells come alive with magic, joy, tears and agony ...for those who can hear them

The Pozzo del Diavolo and the legendary formation of Lake Vico near Caprarola.

One of the highest, and best preserved, volcanic lakes in Italy owes its origin to the mythical Ercole

The legend and the parades of the fearsome Krampus

While St. Nicholas brings gifts to good children, the fearsome Krampus incite fear with bells and screams among the towns and villages of South Tyrol.

The spectacular Ndocciata of the village of Agnone

One of the oldest ritual of fire in the world that this year will attract thousands of visitors in the village of Molise, December 8 and 24

The mysterious galleries and the treasures of the village of Certaldo

A series of tunnels under the medieval village, a possible inestimable treasure and a hill that could be a pyramid

The mythological God Giano at the origins of the village of Cassano delle Murge

The two-faced Latin deity seems to have been at the base of the Apulian village ... and not only that

The village of Castel Gandolfo grants honorary citizenship to Elettra Marconi

The daughter of Guglielmo Marconi, known inventor of the wireless telegraph, greets with enthusiasm the news of the city council of the city of the popes

The legend of the Rocca of the Seven Brothers in the Langhe

The story of a chasm born after a divine punishment

From Sicily to Piedmont by foot, in the company of a mule

It is called "Don't be a donkey" the project by Nicola Winkler who sees him protagonist of a long and fascinating adventure

Susan Sarandon in Coreglia Antelminelli? The Stars of Hollywood and the villages of their ancestors

Susan Sarandon in Coreglia Antelminelli? For her grandparents, of course...

The Legend of the unfaithful beauty from Carloforte

A story of beauty, betrayal and a ruthless invasion

The witches of Volterra and other mysteries

Greek deities, witches, bizarre street names and "blasphemies". A journey through the legends and the mysteries of one of the oldest Italian village

For all the witches of the village of Triora

A story of witches and magic that impregnates the territory of one of the most beautiful villages in Italy from prehistory to today

Venosa, The unfinished church of the Blessed Trinity complex still fascinates

There are places that can fly the imagination and generate myths. It is the case of the unfinished church of the Santissima Trinità complex in Venosa, Basilicata.

Nordic walking, what a passion! All the secrets of the sporty practice of the great walkers

More and more often we hear about nordic walking: a practice that combines the relaxing and regenerating act of walking with the continuous and low intensity training of the upper limbs and hips.

Trip to Diamond, the land of the murals

The Calabrian village of Diamante houses over 150 murals with a single element in common: they create happiness

Offida craftsmanship: the renowned Tombolo Lace

The 'tombolo lace' from Offida is increasingly appreciated and known. We discover this excellence of our craftsmanship closely.

Unesco Sites in Campania: 6 Wonders to discover

There are 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Campania, so let's not run away.

Venzone's Golden Pumpkin: The story of a mock turned into recurrence

Every year at the end of October Venzone village celebrates the pumpkin feast. The reasons for this holiday are many, not all of which are due to the passion for this wonderful vegetable.

The mysteries of Lake Aiso near Bevagna (PG)

A greedy man, an abyssed farm, a child with a dark future, the revenge of the saints and strange fishes... do we need other mysteries?

The legend of the rock of the hermit of Polignano a Mare

A story of which little is known. Among sea, loneliness, contemplation and... gulls.

Big day in Asolo for Wyatt Rockefeller e Julie Fabrizio

Wyatt Rockefeller, descendant of the american bankers family and Julie Fabrizio, Italian origin, have chosen Asolo, Italy, to celebrate their wedding

Cagliostro: the history of a temerarious adventurer imprisoned in San Leo’s fortress

Many names and few concerns. The protagonist of this story will catch your attention from the beginning to the end, and, thanks to his adventures, we will discover the past of the majestic fortress in San Leo.

The island of silence and the legend of the dragon of Lake Orta

The small island of Lake Orta tells us of its holy saint, of silent, and of meditation

The legend of Montagnana's red coats

A simple and brilliant stratagem that allowed the village to remain in Padova's domain

The legend of the rolling stones of love of the giants in Badolato

A mythological landscape still tells us of tribes of giants and their competition of the stones of love

Saint George: the knight saint of Vigoleno’s church

In this article we discover together the story of Vigoleno, a beautiful Emilian village, and Saint George, its patron saint.

Castles of Cannero: floating fortresses for petrified pirates and ghostly sailors

The Mazzarditi brothers, the scary brigands who with their crimes were able to dominate the whole area of Lake Maggiore

Barbara and Maria: the two ghosts of Sanvitale fortress in Fontanellato

Here is the story of a wonderful castle surrounded by a ditch of water, rich in architectural decorations and inhabited by the spirits of two women.

Glurns, the legend of the village that opened a court case against the mice

The story of the sentence that sent to exile the mice from the village, until proven otherwise.

The story of a locomotive in a village without railway nor a railway station

In the center of Ferrovieri d'Italia's square in the village of Bova, Calabria, we find a locomotive of sixty tons but in the village does not pass the railway and there is no station.

The church of Santa Maria dell'Olmo in Castelmezzano: place of Templars, patron saints and ancient rituals immersed in a sacred rocky Graal

In this article, you will discover all the legends and traditions linked to the church of Santa Maria dell'Olmo in Castelmezzano, place of ancient sacred and pagan rituals.

The Rock of the Elephant in Castelsardo and its ‘domus da janas’

In the village of Castelsardo there is a unique cave, whose elephant shape hides ancient sepulchres and mysteries. Find out which ones in this article.

Italian villages in the movies, when cinema is shot in the villages - Episode 2

Let us rejoice, lovers of the villages and movie lovers, wanting to know which Italian hamlets are protagonists on the big screen. Here is the second episode.

A 28 millimeters story of a village

In this article, Francesco Saggese will tell you how a small village can try not to die, through the tales of those who know how to grasp the beauty of these places that seem to be forgotten and give them value through their own passion.

The Sibillini Mountains, an enchanted place in the Marche among magical caves, fairies and unicorns

In this article we will discover together the famous Umbrian-marchigian mountains and will go through all the stories and legends of the place, from the Sibilla Grotto to the recent news of the Unicorn of the Sibillini Mountains

The fools of the legends of the Billellera fountain in Sorso, Sardinia

The crazy story of a population who tried to move a fountain by force

Discovering the origins of Boccadasse: a village, many legends

We discover together the origin of the name of the hamlet of Boccadasse, one of the most photographed corners of the city of Genoa, which, with the colorful houses, the beaches and the fishing boats, retains all the fascination of the past ages and continues to enchant its visitors

The Legend of Captain Zeti at Monteriggioni

In 1554 the unrivaled city of Monteriggioni was finally conquered by the Florentine army. This attempt, however, was only possible after the betrayal of Captain Zeti, whose soul still lies in the village ...

The ghost of the marquis Carlo Francesco Agostino of Fosdinovo

The Malaspina Castle of Fosdinovo, known as the residence of the dynasty that for centuries dominated the territory of Lunigiana, is actually a place of legends and mysteries

Sorso, Sardinia: abandoned bride, but she doesn’t give up.

The unpredictable end of a non-wedding day. In the small village of Sorso, Sardinia, an abandoned bride decided not to waste a celebration day.. and a refreshment, still waiting for them.

The ghost of the beautiful and terrible Matelda at Poppi Castle

The most beautiful woman in the Casentino who has caused dozens of victims in the whole Arezzo area with its charm.

The legend of Maria la Bella and the Castle of Brolo

Today we will unveil the legend that lurks around the rock of tears of Brolo Castle, in which the protagonists of are the beautiful princess Maria and her beloved.

The villages and legends hidden under the lake of Brugneto

The artificial basin of Brugneto is the largest lake in Liguria, and, besides the providing the water needs of the city, it hides mysterious stories of villages and legends

Why is Fiumalbo so called?

Discovering the origin of the name Fiumalbo, one of the most beautiful Italian hamlets in the Modena hinterland, deriving from the union of Latin and local dialect.

Curiosities about the legend of St. Nicholas that gave birth to a Palio in the village of Sirolo

How the interpretation of a word can change legends through the centuries

Prepotischis, the tiny village inhabited by only four people

This tiny village is populated by only four people and all single men

The curious story that became a popular poem of a priest who excommunicated an entire Sardinian town

'Sa decompresses Predi Antiogu, de Masuddas' the satirical poem that made Masullas village, Sardinia, famous all over the world

The legends of the submerged village of Lake Delio

In the province of Varese, near the towns of Maccagno with Pino and Veddasca, there is a lake that overlooks Lake Maggiore.

The legend of the Rosì of the village of Gromo

A story still handed down to the children of the Bergamasque village that tells of a brigand from the past.

Barolism. Harvest time in the land of Barolo.

Six producers of the famous wine tell the story of the Barolo during the harvest period. Barolism is our tribute to a wine and territory that is unique the world over.

Italian villages in movies, when cinema is set inside the villages – Episode 1

Italian villages are natural sceneries for arthouse masterpieces. From north to south, here are some location used for famous movies or by great directors, from Borghetto to Sabbioneta, from Savoca to Tremosine and even more.

Cuisine and literature in the villages dishes

When literature meets the traditional cuisine of Italian villages.