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Traditional cooking

Recipes from our italian villages

Typical dishes of traditional cuisine or modern reinterpretations of one of the most important patrimonies of Italian culture, good food. All the recipes and typical dishes handed down from generation to generation for lovers of good food and Made in Italy.

Recipe: the Susumelli, the Christmas biscuits of the village Sant'Agata di Puglia

These are the Christmas delicacies of the village of Sant'Agata di Puglia, in the province of Foggia, when Advent is born and Christmas is awaited with trepidation. Biscuits with ancient flavors, Susumelli bring to the table all the emotion of the present

Recipe: The Christmas legend of the mostaccioli in the villages of Molise

In the shape of a diamond, covered with chocolate icing and with a tender heart of quince. They are the mostaccioli, who cheer up the villages of the region on Christmas holidays with the curious legend that hovers around their name

5 unmissable wine villages

Gavi, Castagneto Carducci, Sirolo, Venafro and Sant'Agata de Goti, extraordinary villages of wine and more.

Recipe: Spongata, the Christmas cake from the hamlets of Parma

It is the traditional dessert of the province of Parma and every village in the area boasts its recipe. A delicacy with ancient origins that transmits, besides the flavor, all the atmosphere of the Christmas tradition

Recipe: Panpepato, the Christmas dessert of the Terni villages

Christmas is approaching and in the villages of the province of Terni it is time for Panpepato: the most important sweet of the Umbrian territory, filled with delicacies and with the decided character of black pepper. A concentrate of energy and also of magic

Recipe: the Caponec, a journey of taste among the villages of Val di Ledro

Very good when hot, when they give off the scent of their stuffing and refer to the times when they were cooked on wood stoves. A tasty preparation, a typical gastronomic trentine valley, nestled between the mountains and the lake

Recipe: Pumpkin tortelli from the village of Sabbioneta, the flavors of the autumn countryside

The recipe dates back to the Gonzaga era and celebrates the autumn meeting between the flavors of the countryside. A sweet and sour triumph, full of character and with pumpkin in the filling, perfect dish to celebrate Halloween

Recipe: Castagnaccio, the dessert of the Tuscan villages that smell of wood

It is the protagonist of autumn on the tables of the villages covered with chestnut trees, but its triumph is in Tuscany, where it is made of ancient knowledge, perfumes and ... magical powers

Recipe: Frico, the bulwark of the villages of Carnia

A potato pie, crispy outside and creamy inside. A Friulian icon, an ancient dish that expresses simple and genuine flavors, delicious in their wise juxtaposition

Recipe: The turle, the white cuisine of the village of Mendatica

A fine pasta dish, once prepared with the ingredients available in the area during the winter months. Today you can taste in every season in this village that with its "turle" puts its traditions on the table

Recipe: Olive ascolane, picene land to taste

Crispy golden spheres that contain olives stuffed with meat and scent. An icon of the Marche gastronomy, delicacies to be enjoyed at the table or while walking, in the name of tradition applied to street food

Recipe: the Crescia of the village of Frontone

Not to be confused with piadina, a substitute for bread that comes directly from the Montefeltro era

Recipe: Risotto with chestnuts and Raschera, the mountain cheese from Garessio

A risotto with the delicious Raschera, the Dop pasture cheese from the province of Cuneo, Slow Food presidium. Today a sensory journey and protagonist of gourmet evenings, once king of the tables of Garessio and surrounding villages

Recipe: Purple stuffed artichokes from the village of Montelupone

A real treat, a gift from the generous land of this village in the Marches, a recipe that draws from tradition. The triumph of flavor in these purple artichokes, easy to cook and brightly chromatic on the table

Caponata alla siciliana, the flavors of the ancient Trinacria

It 's a regional specialty, but there are many variations, almost as many places that dot the island. A specialty that cheers the table and that as an appetizer also becomes a side dish or, together with pasta, a unique tasty and delicious dish

Recipe: Traditional Grottaglie orecchiette with turnip greens

In Grottaglie, in the province of Taranto, the orecchietta is the queen of the table, as well as in the rest of Puglia. It is appreciated in all sauces and for all tastes, but the classic recipe remains an evergreen for connoisseurs

Recipe: Fillet of mullet alla livornese

A tasty fish specialty, quick to prepare and that gives color and flavor in any season, even in summer. A tribute to the sea by Livorno, famous for its delicacies under the banner of Neptune

Recipe: strangolapreti in Trentino: the genuine taste of mountain villages

They are an unmissable pleasure for the connoisseurs of the genuine flavors of the villages, in this case of mountain and Trentino. A dish that in addition to taste also gives the unmistakable green color of the valleys and meadows of the dolomites

Liguria: the ancient fishing village of Cervo Ligure, among oil, Taggiasca olives, Vermentino wine and fish dishes

The picturesque tangle of alleys overlooking the sea, the bright colored facades and the beautiful baroque church. Then the extra virgin olive oil, the taggiasca olives in brine, the Vermentino wine and lots of fish.

Recipe: Red prawns of Gallipoli on broad bean purée with onion of Acquaviva delle Fonti

Ruby color and delicate taste. They are the red prawns of Gallipoli, a delight to be served with a sprinkling of pepper on a broad bean purée in which the strong flavor of the Acquaviva delle Fonti onions triumph

Recipe: Baccalà alla Vicentina

All the creativity of the Vicentini in this dish of ancient origin, supported by the authoritative "Confraternita del Bacalà". In addition to the white stone worked by Palladio, here in Vicenza white also triumphs in the kitchen

Messina Swordfish Rolls

The scent of the Sicilian sea is concentrated in this fresh, simple and tasty recipe, ideal for summer as well as in all seasons. A delicious seafood cuisine that tribute taste and gastronomic traditions of ancient Trinacria.

Recipe: Apple strudel from Trentino-Alto Adige

A dessert that everyone likes, with apples that lead the common thread of the top notes and melt into the voluptuous aftertaste of raisins, pine nuts and walnuts, combined with vanilla and cinnamon

Sardinia: the village of Alghero and its lobster, local gastronomic excellence.

The beautiful sea of little Barcelona, the alleys, the shops, the ramparts on the sea and the rich local cuisine.

Recipe: the Rose Cake of Borghetto sul Mincio

A sweet, soft, buttery and fragrant reminiscent of a bouquet of rosebuds, emblem of a Veronese village

Recipe: the Cappon Magro, aromas and flavors of Liguria

From the olive groves of the west to the fishing harbors of the Levante, passing through the good tables of Genoa. All the seduction of Ligurian cuisine, which triumphs in Cappon Magro. A historical dish, the mastery of the encounter between land and sea

Recipe: the Paposcia of Vico del Gargano

The typical bread of Vico del Gargano which has ancient peasant origins

Emilia Romagna: the village of Bobbio, land of snails at the Bobbiese.

The unique Ponte Gobbo, the Trebbia, the Abbey of San Colombano, the Duomo, the alleys of the historic center, the monastery of San Francesco, the Malaspina castle, the salami, the maccheroni alla bobbiese and the snails.

Recipe: the Supa Barbetta of the village of Angrogna

A traditional recipe from the Waldensian valleys. A poor and nutritious dish based on stale bread or breadsticks that will surely stimulate your palate.

Recipe: green polenta with the

One of the typical dishes of the village is a variant of the classic yellow polenta that cabbage lovers can not miss.

Recipe: the Sfuagghiu from Polizzi Generosa, Palermo

A delicious baked cake made with fresh Sicilian cheese, pumpkin, cinnamon and chocolate that finds its origins in the skilled hands of some Benedictine nuns in 1600

Tuscany: the village of Castiglione della Garfagnana, between the Biroldo, the Mondiola and the potato bread.

The charming fortified village in the heart of the Garfagnana, the walls and towers, the castle, the noble palaces, the churches of San Michele and San Pietro, and the gastronomic delicacies, the Mondiola, the Biroldo and the potato bread.

Recipe: Risotto with salami paste of Morimondo

A historical dish derived from the ancient slaughter of the pig

Recipe: the Subiachini cookies

A typical dessert of the village of Subiaco, from which they take their name.

Umbria: the village of Norcia among black truffles, lentils and ham.

The artistic treasures of the Umbrian village, its history and its gastronomic treasures, from the black truffle, to the lentil of Castelluccio to the ham.

Recipe: perch rice from Menaggio

A typical dish of Lake Como, tasty and rich that contains flavors and traditions of Lombardy

Recipe: Cuzzupa, the typical Easter cake of the Calabrian tradition

An ancient recipe that is lost over time. A tasty and original dessert whose preparation is rich in curiosities and symbolic meanings.

Recipe: The Calzone of San Giuseppe in Riccia

In the village of Molise, in honor of San Giuseppe, numerous dishes are prepared for the occasion and the main symbol is the Calzone.

Recipe: the Toc polenta and the Ragell of the village of Bellagio

The Toc is a typical dish of the Bellagina tradition from which it is then produced the Ragel, the traditional Vin Brulè of Bellagio

Recipe: Bosa style crustaceans and cuttlefish soup

The sea soul of Bosa, in Sardinia, in a simple dish, rich in flavors and scents.

Recipe: the Fianchetto of Altavilla Irpina

There's no Sunday in Altavilla Irpina, in Campania, without Fianchetto.

Recipe: the Spoja Lorda Romagnola

One of the typical dishes of the village of Brisighella and all of Romagna. Dish of the holidays par excellence

Recipe: the Rasckatiell di miskiglio from the village of Teana

One of the traditional dishes of the Serrapotamo Valley. A fresh pasta obtained from a mix of flours and to be enjoyed with a watery sauce as it was in the past. A first course also suitable for vegan palates.

Liguria: the seaside village of Laigueglia and its typical sweets, the Kisses.

The beautiful baroque parish church of San Matteo, the "Eastern bastion", the picturesque alleyways and overlooking the sea, then the scent of fried fish, the soup and the bianchetti pancakes.

Recipe: the Fregnaccia of Carnival

The Carnival has ancient origins and reconnects to holidays Greek and Roman, during which was habit the consumption of pig meat dishes.

Recipe: Moneglia scabeccio appetizer

The appetizer of Moneglia is a specialty based on fish with an ancient history. Simple recipe rich in flavors, tells the scents and colors of the sea and its land of origin.

Recipe: La Cialetta, the tasty bread of Cleto

A real treat is this good bread, simple and artisanal.

Recipe: the peppers alla Ficandò di Alessano

A simple and poor dish, brand of the tradition of Alessano, protagonist of one of the most heartfelt festivals of Salento.

Recipe: The Nfigghiulata from the village of Sortino, Sicily

One of the oldest recipes of the Sicilian tradition, a rustic cake shaped like a rose with a particular taste

Recipe: the Pinsa, the typical Veneto dessert of the Epiphany

The Epiphany, all the holidays takes away, but leaves us a delicious dessert with an ancient tradition

Emilia Romagna: Castell'Arquato and the Monterosso Val d'Arda, DOC white wine.

The typical Arquatese white wine, in the dry, amiable and spumante versions, which joins the other excellent local wines, including Gutturnio and Ortrugo. Land of wines but also of art and culture, Castell'Arquato is one of the most interesting villages of Emilia.

Recipe: the Umbrian Torciglione, typical of christmas holidays

Today we will prepare a dessert typical of the Umbrian tradition that has medieval roots

Recipe: Pan Ducale, ancient flavor of Abruzzo

Delicious triumph of almonds, candied citron and chocolate, the Pan Ducale is a historic specialty of the beautiful village of Atri

Recipe: The Cisrà. The tripe and chickpeas soup typical of the Langhe

An excellent traditional dish especially recommended for cold winter days.

Recipe: the Cuccìa di Castelmezzano

Typical plate of the village spruce with legumes and cereals with a very intense flavor, prepared according to a tradition that has been passed on for generations

Recipe: U Pitirri of Sutera

We recover a simple and healthy way of eating and eating thanks to an ancient recipe.

Recipe: Pizz' e ffuje from the village of Orsogna

A typical winter but delicious recipe even with a warmer climate. A pizza of maize flour and vegetables suitable also for vegetarians

Recipe: Bobbio's Maccheroni

Typical speciality of the village of Piacenza, macaroni at the bobbiese are a dish known since the Middle Ages

Recipe: the Pastizz from Rotondella

More than a typical dish, more than a mere calzone, the Pastizz from Rotondella are a real institution so much to boast the Slow Food recognition

Halloween recipe: Welcome to the Emilian witches

Halloween is near: here are our witches! The Emilian witches are scented pasta bundles, perfect for accompanying all of our dishes.

Lamon Bean of the Bellunese Valley I.G.P.

Discovering an exceptional raw material that was born between the Belluno valleys. Lamon Bean I.G.P.

Extra virgin olive oil from Garda DOP: kindness and character from the shores of the lake

Olive oil from Garda DOP: all the wonder of a delicate but persistent aroma oil. A beloved and extremely rare raw material that grows around Lake Garda.

Recipe: white tripe rolls of Locorotondo

Today we offer you a typical dish of Locorotondo: white tripe rolls. A plain but decent dish, perfect for a party in the company.

Recipe: the Gubana from Cividale del Friuli

The typical dessertt of the Natisone Valley tradition

Tuscany: The Vernaccia of San Gimignano, the great white wine of the heart of Siena.

The towers of the Tuscan Manhattan, among art treasures, wines and gastronomic excellence.

Recipe: Ravioli with braised beef and bonarda wine from Varzi

A tasty and rich dish famous throughout the oltrepò area and the north of the province of Piacenza

Montagnana and its ham Veneto Berico-Euganeo DOP.

The splendid borgo walled heart of the production of the delicious Venetian ham.

Recipe: Ferrazzuoli alla Nannarella

Today we suggest you "Ferrazzuoli alla Nannarella" from the village of Furore. A simple, magical dish, made with the best raw ingredients, Anna Magnani favourite one.

Recipe: Fontina DOP and black bread soup from Etroubles

A simple, fast and nourishing recipe: perfect to counteract the early autumn cold. Word of order: the best raw materials and the desire to taste new flavors!

Hamburger with trout medallion from Friuli Venezia Giulia

This is a fish recipe that blends the quickness and convenience of the fast food with the quality and the taste of our culinary tradition. A dish which is as simple as delicious.

Recipe: Calcioni di Serra San Quirico

Neither sweet nor salty, these bundles are a real surprise for your mouth: a mix of flavors that doesn't let any space for half-measures. They can be loved, or hated

Recipe: Fennel balls from Palazzolo Acreide

Here you are a typical Sicilian recipe, in which fennel is the main ingredient. You can taste it as an appetizer or as a second course. In both cases, however, you will enjoy the deliciousness of this specialty.

Recipe: Bargnolino the typical liquor in the provinces of Parma and Piacenza

With this recipe, we leave aside the burners, in order to get ready for the arrival of the autumn with Bargnolino, a typical liquor of the Parma and Piacenza tradition.

Recipe: Tropea's spicy risotto

This recipe, which surprisingly will not be based on red onion, will let you know another aspect, unusual and less known, of the famous Calabrian village ... Discover it by reading this article.

Liguria: Triora, land of bread and witches

Triora bread, witches, ethnography and witchcraft museum, Bruss and the suggestive caruggi.

Recipe: Tagliolini with salmon trout ragout from Polcenigo

We present you a first fish dish, an excellent alternative to classic meat sauce, simple, quick to prepare and tasty

Castelvetro di Modena and Lambrusco: the two towers, the castle of Levizzano Rangone, the typical “tigelle”, and tortelloni dressed with the balsamic vinegar of Modena

Discovering the fanciful Emilian hamlet that will swallow you up with its Lambrusco Gasparossa and take you to the gorge with its unmistakable scents and flavors of local specialties.

Tropea and its IGP red onion

A wonderful sea, the rock of Santa Maria dell’Isola and the delicious red onion.

Recipe: the Pici all'Aglione from Radda in Chianti, Siena

This delicious recipe from the village of Radda in Chianti, in the province of Siena, is a reinterpretation of the classic pici all'aglione, typical of Tuscany

Recipe: Chifel from Muggia (Trieste)

This recipe will let you know the sweet version of the chifel from Trieste, typical of Friuli Venezia Giulia and in particular of the hamlet of Muggia.

Recipe: Rolled Crespelle au gratin from Cutigliano

Here you are one of the several varieties of crepes: a first course that, thanks to its simplicity and deliciousness, can conquer everyone, and it is so easy to prepare that is perfect to cook at any occasion.

Recipe: 'Brodetto' The Fish soup of the Trabocchi Coast

This week, we propose you the recipe of the variant of the fish broth from the village of Vasto: the 'brodetto', a typical fish soup of the Trabocchi Coast in Abruzzo, perfect to taste during the warm ans sunny days of the hottest season of the year.

Recipe: the Forma di Fichi Secchi from Casale Marittimo, Pisa

This recipe, typical of Casale Marittimo in the province of Pisa, is an authentic symbol of this little village, know by all its inhabitants

Recipe: the Sfratto dei Goym from Pitigliano, in the province of Grosseto

Typical pastry from the village of Pitigliano which has an ancient story and a particular name and that you can find only in this area of Maremma.

Recipe: Ricotta cheese ravioli with sausage and sauce from Palazzolo Acreide

A typical siracusan recipe that sees as protagonist a typical product of the area, the sausage.

Recipe: Myrtle flavoured chicken

A tasty cold dish of Sardinian tradition from the village of Masullas

Discover Italy with Eataly: The meat of La Granda

The association La Granda is committed to preserve the Piedmontese Bovine Breed which is protected by the Slow Food Presidia since 1996

Recipe: Salted Cookies of the Amiata

Typical of the Tuscan countryside tradition, these biscuits are today the protagonists of aperitifs or brunches

Atri: the taste of Pecorino cheese in the shadow of art treasures

Ancient centre in the province of Teramo between churches, museums, liquorice, arrosticini and the excellent Pecorino cheese

Recipe: Fried and Filled Pumpkin Blossoms from Finale Ligure

Today’s recipe from our villages is not quite typical of a specific village tradition but it is a variant of one of the most famous dishes all around the world of the Italian cuisine.

Montalcino: the hills of the Brunello wine

The enchanting hills overlooking Mount Amiata, the history of one of the most beautiful villages of Tuscany and the extraordinary Brunello, the excellence of Italian wines.

Recipe: The Acquacotta of La Solina's restaurant in Montemerano, typical dish of Maremmana tradition

The Acquacotta is a typical dish of the Maremma cuisine, both from the Grosseto area and from the Tuscia region in the province of Viterbo. The recipe was provided by La Solina Restaurant, renowed in the area.

Orta San Giulio: between the mortadella of Orta and the views on San Giulio

A splendid village in Lake Orta territory, among the extraordinary views on the lake, gastronomic workshops and restaurants that offer the delicious local cured meat with polenta or panissa.

Recipe: the Cialledde from the village of Locorotondo

The Ciallédde is a typical dish of Locorotondo, village in the province of Bari, and of the onetime poor farming cuisine, but the fact that it is nutritious, light and fresh makes it extremely current.

Recipe: Anghiari's Bringoli al Sugo finto

The Bringoli al sugo finto (also called pici in other parts of the region) are the typical dish of the village of Anghiari, in Tuscany, consisting of an handmade type of pasta, similar to thick spaghetti but bigger and more rustic

Recipe: “Minni di Vergini” from Sambuca di Sicilia

Typical pastry of Sambuca di Sicilia


Today, for the hamlets recipe of the week we’ll learn how to make Testaroli with the classic recipe, cut in squares and seasoned with Ligurian pesto.

Mixed pasta with a Gradoli beans, mussels, Vezzena cheese and cocoa beans sauce

The Village recipe of the week, according to Campus Etoile Academy, is the soup of mixed pasta with a sauce of Gradoli beans, mussels, Vezzena cheese and cocoa beans.

The Recipe: Sicilian cannoli

Sicilian cannoli’s name derives from river canes to which the shell was rolled up during the preparation since a few decades ago and it is one of the typical pastries of Italian confectionary.