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Traditional cooking

Recipes from our italian villages

Typical dishes of traditional cuisine or modern revisions of one of the most important assets of Italian culture, good eating. I f you love Italian cooking you must try our recipes.

Liguria: Triora, land of bread and witches

Triora bread, witches, ethnography and witchcraft museum, Bruss and the suggestive caruggi.

Recipe: Tagliolini with salmon trout ragout from Polcenigo

We present you a first fish dish, an excellent alternative to classic meat sauce, simple, quick to prepare and tasty

Castelvetro di Modena and Lambrusco: the two towers, the castle of Levizzano Rangone, the typical “tigelle”, and tortelloni dressed with the balsamic vinegar of Modena

Discovering the fanciful Emilian hamlet that will swallow you up with its Lambrusco Gasparossa and take you to the gorge with its unmistakable scents and flavors of local specialties.

Tropea and its IGP red onion

A wonderful sea, the rock of Santa Maria dell’Isola and the delicious red onion.

Recipe: the Pici all'Aglione from Radda in Chianti, Siena

This delicious recipe from the village of Radda in Chianti, in the province of Siena, is a reinterpretation of the classic pici all'aglione, typical of Tuscany

Recipe: Chifel from Muggia (Trieste)

This recipe will let you know the sweet version of the chifel from Trieste, typical of Friuli Venezia Giulia and in particular of the hamlet of Muggia.

Recipe: Rolled Crespelle au gratin from Cutigliano

Here you are one of the several varieties of crepes: a first course that, thanks to its simplicity and deliciousness, can conquer everyone, and it is so easy to prepare that is perfect to cook at any occasion.

Recipe: 'Brodetto' The Fish soup of the Trabocchi Coast

This week, we propose you the recipe of the variant of the fish broth from the village of Vasto: the 'brodetto', a typical fish soup of the Trabocchi Coast in Abruzzo, perfect to taste during the warm ans sunny days of the hottest season of the year.

Recipe: the Forma di Fichi Secchi from Casale Marittimo, Pisa

This recipe, typical of Casale Marittimo in the province of Pisa, is an authentic symbol of this little village, know by all its inhabitants

Recipe: the Sfratto dei Goym from Pitigliano, in the province of Grosseto

Typical pastry from the village of Pitigliano which has an ancient story and a particular name and that you can find only in this area of Maremma.

Recipe: Ricotta cheese ravioli with sausage and sauce from Palazzolo Acreide

A typical siracusan recipe that sees as protagonist a typical product of the area, the sausage.

Recipe: Myrtle flavoured chicken

A tasty cold dish of Sardinian tradition from the village of Masullas

Discover Italy with Eataly: The meat of La Granda

The association La Granda is committed to preserve the Piedmontese Bovine Breed which is protected by the Slow Food Presidia since 1996

Recipe: Salted Cookies of the Amiata

Typical of the Tuscan countryside tradition, these biscuits are today the protagonists of aperitifs or brunches

Atri: the taste of Pecorino cheese in the shadow of art treasures

Ancient centre in the province of Teramo between churches, museums, liquorice, arrosticini and the excellent Pecorino cheese

Recipe: Fried and Filled Pumpkin Blossoms from Finale Ligure

Today’s recipe from our villages is not quite typical of a specific village tradition but it is a variant of one of the most famous dishes all around the world of the Italian cuisine.

Montalcino: the hills of the Brunello wine

The enchanting hills overlooking Mount Amiata, the history of one of the most beautiful villages of Tuscany and the extraordinary Brunello, the excellence of Italian wines.

Recipe: The Acquacotta of La Solina's restaurant in Montemerano, typical dish of Maremmana tradition

The Acquacotta is a typical dish of the Maremma cuisine, both from the Grosseto area and from the Tuscia region in the province of Viterbo. The recipe was provided by La Solina Restaurant, renowed in the area.

Orta San Giulio: between the mortadella of Orta and the views on San Giulio

A splendid village in Lake Orta territory, among the extraordinary views on the lake, gastronomic workshops and restaurants that offer the delicious local cured meat with polenta or panissa.

Recipe: the Cialledde from the village of Locorotondo

The Ciallédde is a typical dish of Locorotondo, village in the province of Bari, and of the onetime poor farming cuisine, but the fact that it is nutritious, light and fresh makes it extremely current.

Recipe: Anghiari's Bringoli al Sugo finto

The Bringoli al sugo finto (also called pici in other parts of the region) are the typical dish of the village of Anghiari, in Tuscany, consisting of an handmade type of pasta, similar to thick spaghetti but bigger and more rustic

Recipe: “Minni di Vergini” from Sambuca di Sicilia

Typical pastry of Sambuca di Sicilia

Pesto "Testaroli" from Lunigiana

Today, for the hamlets recipe of the week we’ll learn how to make Testaroli with the classic recipe, cut in squares and seasoned with Ligurian pesto.

Mixed pasta with a Gradoli beans, mussels, Vezzena cheese and cocoa beans sauce

The Village recipe of the week, according to Campus Etoile Academy, is the soup of mixed pasta with a sauce of Gradoli beans, mussels, Vezzena cheese and cocoa beans.

The Recipe: Sicilian cannoli

Sicilian cannoli’s name derives from river canes to which the shell was rolled up during the preparation since a few decades ago and it is one of the typical pastries of Italian confectionary.

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