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Qciarì Ice-Cream Shop

Qciarì Ice-Cream Shop

Via Zanini, 105, frazione Vesio, Tremosine, BS, Lombardia

Culinary Art Museum

Culinary Art Museum

Vicolo del Teatro, 1, località Coltura, Polcenigo , PN, Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Hostaria di Bacco

Hostaria di Bacco

Via Giambattista Lama, 9, Furore , SA, Campania

Monastery of Camaldoli

Monastery of Camaldoli

Località Camaldoli, 14, Poppi , AR, Toscana

Maratta Bakery

Maratta Bakery

Via Vittorio Veneto, 22, Subiaco , RM, Lazio

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Brindisi, Puglia

Spontaneous Roots



Piacenza, Emilia-Romagna

History and flavours, where everything was once sea



Savona, Liguria

Heart into the sea



Savona, Liguria

The stone between the land and the sea



Lucca, Toscana

The Knights of Tau



Avellino, Campania

Ancient sannite gatherings


Cuccaro Vetere

Salerno, Campania

Donkey riding through the hstory


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Recipe: the Caponec, a journey of taste among the villages of Val di Ledro

Very good when hot, when they give off the scent of their stuffing and refer to the times when they were cooked on wood stoves. A tasty preparation, a typical gastronomic trentine valley, nestled between the mountains and the lake

Recipe: Pumpkin tortelli from the village of Sabbioneta, the flavors of the autumn countryside

The recipe dates back to the Gonzaga era and celebrates the autumn meeting between the flavors of the countryside. A sweet and sour triumph, full of character and with pumpkin in the filling, perfect dish to celebrate Halloween

Recipe: Castagnaccio, the dessert of the Tuscan villages that smell of wood

It is the protagonist of autumn on the tables of the villages covered with chestnut trees, but its triumph is in Tuscany, where it is made of ancient knowledge, perfumes and ... magical powers

Recipe: Frico, the bulwark of the villages of Carnia

A potato pie, crispy outside and creamy inside. A Friulian icon, an ancient dish that expresses simple and genuine flavors, delicious in their wise juxtaposition

Recipe: The turle, the white cuisine of the village of Mendatica

A fine pasta dish, once prepared with the ingredients available in the area during the winter months. Today you can taste in every season in this village that with its "turle" puts its traditions on the table

Recipe: Olive ascolane, picene land to taste

Crispy golden spheres that contain olives stuffed with meat and scent. An icon of the Marche gastronomy, delicacies to be enjoyed at the table or while walking, in the name of tradition applied to street food

Recipe: the Crescia of the village of Frontone

Not to be confused with piadina, a substitute for bread that comes directly from the Montefeltro era

Recipe: Risotto with chestnuts and Raschera, the mountain cheese from Garessio

A risotto with the delicious Raschera, the Dop pasture cheese from the province of Cuneo, Slow Food presidium. Today a sensory journey and protagonist of gourmet evenings, once king of the tables of Garessio and surrounding villages

Recipe: Purple stuffed artichokes from the village of Montelupone

A real treat, a gift from the generous land of this village in the Marches, a recipe that draws from tradition. The triumph of flavor in these purple artichokes, easy to cook and brightly chromatic on the table

Recipe: Brodetto di Caorle, the treasures of the sea in the village of Caorle

It is so exquisite that it has received international recognition. Imaginative and fanciful, it changes its flavor according to the catch and every time it intrigues as it is at the first taste