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Culinary Art Museum

Culinary Art Museum

Vicolo del Teatro, 1, località Coltura, Polcenigo , PN, Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Pasticceria Scalvini

Pasticceria Scalvini

Via Cristoforo Colombo, 3 - 17026 , Noli , SV, Liguria

Monastery of Camaldoli

Monastery of Camaldoli

Località Camaldoli, 14, Poppi , AR, Toscana

La Solina Restaurant

La Solina Restaurant

Località Poggio Bertino, 18, Montemerano, Manciano , GR, Toscana

Villages (Borghi)


Brindisi, Puglia

Spontaneous Roots



Piacenza, Emilia-Romagna

History and flavours, where everything was once sea



Savona, Liguria

Heart into the sea



Savona, Liguria

The stone between the land and the sea



Lucca, Toscana

The Knights of Tau



Avellino, Campania

Ancient sannite gatherings


Cuccaro Vetere

Salerno, Campania

Donkey riding through the hstory


News by keywrds

Recipe: the Toc polenta and the Ragell of the village of Bellagio

The Toc is a typical dish of the Bellagina tradition from which it is then produced the Ragel, the traditional Vin Brulè of Bellagio

Giarratana, the village on the slopes of Monte Lauro, home of the actress Loredana Cannata

The beautiful baroque churches, the characteristic hilly setting, the alleys, the stairs, the characteristic foreshortenings, the white nougat, the onion and the beautiful actress Loredana Cannata, protagonist of many successful films

Recipe: Bosa style crustaceans and cuttlefish soup

The sea soul of Bosa, in Sardinia, in a simple dish, rich in flavors and scents.

Markets, festivals, exhibitions and fairs not to be missed in the villages in March 2018

A selection of events in the villages to savor the typicality and discover hidden treasures this March

Recipe: the Fianchetto of Altavilla Irpina

There's no Sunday in Altavilla Irpina, in Campania, without Fianchetto.

Recipe: the Spoja Lorda Romagnola

One of the typical dishes of the village of Brisighella and all of Romagna. Dish of the holidays par excellence

Recipe: the Rasckatiell di miskiglio from the village of Teana

One of the traditional dishes of the Serrapotamo Valley. A fresh pasta obtained from a mix of flours and to be enjoyed with a watery sauce as it was in the past. A first course also suitable for vegan palates.

Recipe: the Fregnaccia of Carnival

The Carnival has ancient origins and reconnects to holidays Greek and Roman, during which was habit the consumption of pig meat dishes.

Bolzano: a trip to the villages of Ulten and Glurns.

The valleys of woods and meadows, the farming culture of the Ulten valley, the Zoccolo lake, the walls and the palaces, the churches, the alleys, the courtyards, the atmosphere of Glurns and the delicious dumplings

Recipe: Moneglia scabeccio appetizer

The appetizer of Moneglia is a specialty based on fish with an ancient history. Simple recipe rich in flavors, tells the scents and colors of the sea and its land of origin.

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