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The Mummies of Venzone

The Mummies of Venzone

Cappella cimiteriale di San Michele, Piazzetta Duomo, Venzone , UD, Friuli-Venezia Giulia

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Siracusa, Sicilia

An Easter that you do not forget



Brindisi, Puglia

Mystery, faith and history in Salento



Viterbo, Lazio

Etruscan Wonder



Biella, Piemonte

Fill the vacuum with the mystery



Crotone, Calabria

The ancient Acherontia



Foggia, Puglia

The Ofanto Citadel


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5 villages with ghosts and witches for Halloween

Scary villages and even movie sets, castles with ghosts, witches' sands, legends and mysterious phenomena, magic potions and poisons. For strong and... fearful emotions!

Piea and its castle, a small village between Monferrato and mysteries

Among the eighty rooms of his castle goes the ghost of the White Lady.

The village of Greccio, which every year returns to 1223

Greccio is famous in the world for being the place of origin of the first crib, and the most loved by St. Francis. But in addition to the Sanctuary and the grotto del presepio, the village of Lazio offers much more, including architecture, traditions, landscapes and good food

Turin, magic and mysteries in black and white

Elegant, regal and mysterious. Turin is considered the most esoteric city of Italy: surrounded by mystery, it is a fascinating charade of enigmas and legends

The mysterious coral castle of Miami

A mysterious complex built in secret by one man, to be able to regain his beloved.

Orkney Islands: fall in love with the remote islands

The Orkney Islands are an archipelago of the Northern Isles of Scotland. They are located 16 km north of the northern coast of the Scottish Caithness, famous for being rich in Viking finds and include about 70 islands, of which 20 are still inhabited.

That night when I set foot for the first time in the mysterious village of Crespi d'Adda

The sinister and gloomy atmosphere that marked part of my life by visiting the cemetery of Crespi d'Adda on a spring night

The legend of the ghost of Azzurrina of the castle of Montebello

The mysterious disappearance of a "different" girl who became legend with the passing of the centuries

The Relais La Loggia of Gradara and its innovative Emporio: love at 360°

The Loggia Emporio and Relais is located in the heart of the village of Gradara, in the Marche Region.

The Pozzo del Diavolo and the legendary formation of Lake Vico near Caprarola.

One of the highest, and best preserved, volcanic lakes in Italy owes its origin to the mythical Ercole