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Birthplace of Leonardo Da Vinci

Birthplace of Leonardo Da Vinci

Via di Anchiano, località Anchiano, Vinci , FI, Toscana

Villages (Borghi)


Reggio Emilia, Emilia-Romagna

A square as a theatre



Torino, Piemonte

The village where the time has stopped


Fiumefreddo Bruzio

Cosenza, Calabria

The embattled port



Ancona, Marche

The underground village



Perugia, Umbria

Alongside Ulysses



Salerno, Campania

Masaniello and the dragon


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Cicloviaggiando tra i Borghi: the project of cycle tourism for the 2018, realized by Borghi magazine and Love Wheels 646

A journey to discover the Italian territories and its towns. An approach green to the promotion of the territory. Giuseppe Campochiaro Love Wheels will start to adventure together to Borghi magazine, through stories, landscapes and authentic flavors.

Giarratana, the village on the slopes of Monte Lauro, home of the actress Loredana Cannata

The beautiful baroque churches, the characteristic hilly setting, the alleys, the stairs, the characteristic foreshortenings, the white nougat, the onion and the beautiful actress Loredana Cannata, protagonist of many successful films

Barolism. Harvest time in the land of Barolo.

Six producers of the famous wine tell the story of the Barolo during the harvest period. Barolism is our tribute to a wine and territory that is unique the world over.