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Pile-dwelling Site of Fondo Tacoli

Pile-dwelling Site of Fondo Tacoli

Riserva Regionale Complesso Morenico di Castellaro Lagusello, Monzambano , MN, Lombardia

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Castellaro Lagusello

Mantova, Lombardia

Small ancient fairy tale


San Benedetto Po

Mantova, Lombardia

St Benedict and the great river


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Itineraries: A brief trip on the Po

Our itinerary starts from Mantova and continues to Sabbioneta, in Lombardy.

Villages in Lombardy: visit them by bringing with you #ilPassaporto

In 2017, the Year of the Villages in Italy, as declared by the MiBACT, traveling among Lombard villages means discovering the authentic heart of a region with many destinations to experience and to "collect": thanks to #ilPassaporto #inLombardia

"Going around Italian villages" is a pleasure. Try!