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Museum of Madonnari

Museum of Madonnari

Piazzale Santuario angolo Madonna della Neve, 29, Curtatone , MN, Lombardia

Pile-dwelling Site of Fondo Tacoli

Pile-dwelling Site of Fondo Tacoli

Riserva Regionale Complesso Morenico di Castellaro Lagusello, Monzambano , MN, Lombardia

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Castellaro Lagusello

Mantova, Lombardia

Small ancient fairy tale


San Benedetto Po

Mantova, Lombardia

St Benedict and the great river



Mantova, Lombardia

Grace of water


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Recipe: the Rose Cake of Borghetto sul Mincio

A sweet, soft, buttery and fragrant reminiscent of a bouquet of rosebuds, emblem of a Veronese village

Christmas markets not to be missed in the villages in December

The magical atmosphere of the villages offers spectacle that blends in with tradition to offer the perfect setting for Christmas shopping. Here are some of the most fascinating Christmas markets you can visit in our villages.

Itineraries: A brief trip on the Po

Our itinerary starts from Mantova and continues to Sabbioneta, in Lombardy.

Villages in Lombardy: visit them by bringing with you #ilPassaporto

In 2017, the Year of the Villages in Italy, as declared by the MiBACT, traveling among Lombard villages means discovering the authentic heart of a region with many destinations to experience and to "collect": thanks to #ilPassaporto #inLombardia

"Going around Italian villages" is a pleasure. Try!